My Amigo in Cuba is a New York-based, travel concierge service to Cuba. Partnering with locals as hosts, we provide custom and pre-defined tours with insider experiences. We focus on off-the-beaten-path journeys for small groups and independent travelers. 


Classic Cuba

1 Week in Cuba

Carry on Cube

5 days in Havana

Art Safari

Discover the emerging Art Scene

Day Tripping

Half or Full day experiences

Customize Cuba

Concierge Service

The city breath a woman sophistication. She stands with grace, showing her elegant decaying neighborhoods. She creates and dismantles myths and like previous contenders you will want to unveil the secrets of her heart.               

Viñales Valley

The area is the perfect combination of natural beauty and traditional Cuban culture. Best known for its tobacco farms, languid lifestyle and distinctive limestone hills that at time resembles a herd of elephants walking through the valley

One of the most photogenic cities in Cuba. Trinidad is a showcase of cobble streets awakened by the sound of trotting horses , ornate ceilings of dizzying heights that counter the summer heat, and enormous studded gates.

Santiago de Cuba

Birthplace of the concept of Cuban pride, it gave the world Bacardi rum, rumba and one of the most famous carnivals in the Caribbean.   A melting pot of Taino, African, Spanish and French influences with stories to tell.