Santiago de Cuba, a city steeped in history

If history is your thing, Santiago de Cuba is your town.


From it’s roots in the Cuban struggle for independance to being the home of the Bacardi family – this city is rich in culture and heritage. An eclectic mix of Spanish, English, French and African influences. it also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This is the city where Fidel Castro, launch his bid for power, and became the epicenter of his rebels struggle  which forever, changed the course of the country. Taking it full circle, it is also the city where José Marti and other Cuban luminaries like Fidel Castro are buried.

Tapping in to it’s multi flavored culture, Santiago de Cuba has a rich background in dance and music – and an annual Carnival that is pretty spectacular. Conga music on the street, salsa style dancing with a whole lot of percussion and Santeria ceremonies abound.

This city is magical and mystical.