About Us


I was born in Havana, and I am a nomad at heart.  My curiosity and talent for connecting with people motivated me to travel the world. My background is as diverse as consulting for top tier companies to senior roles in banking; but, my true calling came about when crafting experiences for friends traveling to Cuba. I discovered that I love introducing travelers to my homeland.  That was true when living in Toronto and Hong Kong and even more so now that I reside in New York City. All along, my message to friends have remained unchanged: although Cuba is not a traditional luxury destination, yet, it will enrich you in ways you cannot imagine and will satisfy your appetite for adventure.

As my grandmother used to say, "Experience it first, so you will be the one telling the story" 

Boris Masip, Founder  & Your Amigo



My Amigo In Cuba is a New York-based travel concierge service. We create custom and luxury tours to Cuba - both private and small groups. 

We believe that trips are more interesting when you can benefit from the knowledge of in-the-know locals.  We work to make that knowledge available to our guests as we invite them to discover our frozen in time cities, the art, the spectacular natural beauty of the place and the country's best asset - its people. 

We make tours an experience.


Cuba is a rare find for adventurous travelers: from unspoiled beaches to lush countrysides; from timeless and eclectic architecture to emerging art; from classical ballet to world-class boxing. And then, don’t forget all the things that have made Cuba famous – like sexy music, the best rum on the planet and the most significant collective of vintage cars. Lastly, Cuba is having a renaissance as of late – reflected in an exciting new nightlife, an evolving cuisine offering, and an energized creative class.



Travelers look to us to help them uncover the perfect stay - from the ideal hotel room to the private villa with the most exquisite service. Then, their custom trips become an experience: the restaurants innovating on Cuban cuisine and not overflowing with tourists; mixing authentic interactions with in-the-know locals with Cuban art tours and other cultural immersions; snorkeling/diving; playing tennis or hiking on breathtaking locations. 

You really need to see Cuba.