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Half & Full Day Experiences

Day Tripping

Walking Architectural Tour of Old Havana


When one pictures Cuba, it's really Old Havana that comes to mind. As a result of it's unique history and aesthetic, this part of the city encapsulates the spirit of Cuba. Come to discover the architectural highlights and the fabled stories behind the pastel-colored buildings, the worn cobblestone streets and the majestic squares. Lots of stories, lots of beauty.

Art studio & gallery crawl

Cuban Art collection National Museum.jpg

There is no better way to acquaint yourself with a culture than through it's art. Join us on an art studio and gallery crawl to experience the work of the emerging artists of Cuba. An off-the-beaten-track experience to be enjoyed by art fans and  aficionados. Discover these pioneering artists before the rest of the world does. 

The Tobacco Route

Cuba cigars 3.jpg

No need to be a cigar aficionado to enjoy this experience. Uncover the secret of the famous Cuban tobacco and the craft behind cigar-making while interacting with local farmers that have worked this land for many many years. Horseback ride through the Viñales Valley or explore the quaint town. You will be in awe by the natural beauty of this place. 

Spinning and touring in Havana

Bic=ke tours of Havana.jpg

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Architectural Tour – Modernist Havana

Havana was once a glamorous, cosmopolitan city that attracted global jet-setters. Boasting high standards of living and a population of wealthy industrialists, that patronized renowned architects, the city is a cornucopia of style. From Beaux Arts to Mid-century modern to Spanish Colonial, the architecture of Havana is a must-see.

the beauty of the Coral reef 

Snorkeling in Cuba.jpg

Attention snorkeling and diving enthusiasts, the reefs around Cuba are one of the best in the Caribbean. Take the plunge and experience a multitude of fish varieties and exotic coral formations, unique to Cuba. Professionally certified instructors, all the necessary equipment, lunch, and transportation are included. Dive in.

A 48 hrs. trip to Trinidad - Paradise

Trinidad_Cuba_most charming town.jpg

Many consider Trinidad to be Cuba’s most beautiful town. Indulge yourself on a stroll through the cobblestone streets and see the famous pastel colored houses. Two days of charm with an overnight at an enchanting estate - you will not regret this. Visit all the highlights with your private guide or select optional activities to personalize your trip. Enjoy!

Yoga in Havana


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