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011 - international calls made from the USA or Canada must dial exit code
53 - Country Code for Cuba

Landlines numbers are comprised of 6 to 8 digits including the area code. The following table includes the list of the current Cuban area codes:

Cell phones numbers are comprised of 8 digits. Sample dialing format for calls to a cell phone: 011 53 5 xxx-xxxx



The internet experience in Cuba is close to what one would have experienced circa 1990. There is no free WiFi in Cuba and it is expensive by world standards. Hence, consider a holiday away from social networking, blogging and lots of emails.

If you don't want to abstain from Wi-Fi, you will need to buy an ETECSA card which your Amigo can help you purchase. The cost of the card may vary a bit it but it should cost approximately 4.50 CUC / $4.50 / £2.93 for one hour of online internet access in Cuba.


  • Write a list of priorities before you log on and get immersed into Facebook

  • Type messages into your notes app and then copy and paste over to your email, text, Whatsapp

  • The IMO app has the best performance among all the video conferencing apps available

  • Edit photos using offline apps before posting / emailing

  • Set the timer on your phone as soon as you log on. Time flies when you are having fun


The Cuban government does not demand any specific vaccination for you to enter the country. Please check with your doctor and/or CDC for any required / recommended vaccines.
Emergency Medical Insurance is mandatory and only offered by Asistur.  

Their locations, email and phone contact details can be found in their website. Please click below.

Click image for more info.


The entire island is in EST / UTC -0400.  The country follows Daylight Savings Time.


To enter Cuba, you need a visa and a current passport (valid for at least longer than one week following your departure date).  

If you are a US citizen or legal resident, please note that My Amigo in Cuba only works with travelers using Academic, People-to-People and Support for the Cuban People visa categories as defined by US regulations.

Do not lose your visa! You’ll have to replace it, resulting in extra costs, delays and the possibility of missing your flight home.

Depending on your port of departure, your Airline will sell or provide you with the necessary visa. However, it will require that you allocate extra time at the airport to complete the process. If you are in search of convenience, please let us know if you would like our assistance to obtain a visa prior to your airport arrival.


We strongly advise clients to secure travel insurance and follow their insurance travel cancellation policy. 

My Amigo in Cuba works with local providers who due to the nature of the market enforce very punitive cancellation policies. Local providers do not accept cancellations with less than 30 days before the start of the trip and at which point they treat their fees as non-refundable. Cancellations more than 30 days are refundable at the rate of 50% of the committed fees. All fees are due not later than 21 days prior to the start of the trip.

The hotel booking service deducts at least two nights of the total reservation for cancellations with less than seven days in advance of the day of arrival. Please note that some hotels deduct one night irrespective of advance cancellation.


The weather in Cuba is usually amazing all year round.  The island benefits from its proximity to  the Tropic of Cancer, which in the summer brings a lovely cool breeze and a welcome relief from the heat and humidity.  

However, like many other destinations in the Caribbean the island can be impacted during the hurricane season (statistically they are more likely to occur between August and October). 

The dry season runs from November to April and this is the preferred time of year to visit especially by those in the northern hemisphere.

The average temperature throughout the year varies between 20ºC and 35ºC, and humidity varies between 75% and 95%. As a result of the high humidity, cooler temperatures can seem colder and warmer temperatures warmer than they really are.  

The average sea temperature ranges between 26°C and 31°C – get ready to take a plunge!


My Amigo In Cuba sponsors “People-to-People” and facilitates "Support for the Cuban people" travel (not tourism), as defined by US regulations. An immersive and educational experience in to Cuban history and culture as taught by locals.