What to pack


You are headed to the Caribbean so prioritize cotton, linen and other light natural fabrics. Like with most tropical climates, locals prefer to dress casual so take this into consideration.

Men typically do not wear shorts to evening events or important venues, nor do they wear suits and ties.

Consider a light jacket or sweater as hotels, restaurants and other public areas can be overly air-conditioned.

An umbrella comes in handy as rain is common from May through October.

Laundry services are provided at hotels and B&Bs for a fee (there are no public laundromats in Cuba).

Airline weight limits change constantly. Check with your airline prior to packing to avoid over limit luggage fees. 

Here’s a handy checklist of personal items customized for Cuba travel. Just bring what you think you’ll need.

Essential documents and money

  • Airline tickets
  • Passport original (and a photocopy of your passport)
  • Cuban visa (can be arranged by My Amigo in Cuba)
  • Cash is best as American credit and debit cards do not yet work in Cuba 

Medicine and hygiene products

  • Band-Aids or a miniature first aid kit
  • If you are sensitive to foreign food and water bring Kaopectate or Imodium
  • If you use prescription drugs bring a generous supply
  • Insect repellent such as citronella essence
  • One handy tip: stock up on pocket size tissue packets.  They come in handy from time to time
  • Don't forget the basics such as toothbrush, toothpaste, face cloth, sunscreen, shampoo as these items can be hard to find at times 

Other items to consider

  • Electricity is 110 and 220 AC – a 220 adapter may be useful
  • Spanish dictionary