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Cultural Insights

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  • Two people talking loudly, with lots of gesturing can very well be two good friends debating whether it will rain that afternoon. Typical Cubans
  • Most Cubans walk only on the shady side of the street, as the sunny side of the street is considered "the silly man's sidewalk"
  • When in restaurants, don't put your purse on the floor. You'll end up poor according to local folklore
  • If you happen to be in Cuba for New Year's Eve, watch the locals eating twelve grapes very quickly (one for each month of the year), run around the block with an empty suitcase and throw water on the streets. These rituals aim to ensure good health, travel and fortune in the upcoming year
  • Baseball is a quasi religion, currently being challenged by football (soccer) 
  • To help you learn Spanish and make the locals smile, here are some easy phrases:
    • Hello: Hola
    • Good morning: Buenos Dias
    • Good evening / good night: Buenas noches
    • Good Bye: Adios
    • This is tasty: Que rico
    • How pretty: Que lindo/a
    • Let’s go: Vamos  (important to know when dealing with taxi drivers)
    • Deal: De acuerdo
    • 1, 2, 3 mojitos: Uno, dos, tres mojitos
    • See you soon: Nos vemos pronto
    • Can you please take our picture: Por favor nos toma una foto